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Surendra Prasad

August 2014-date


Preeti Malakar

August 2008-April 2014

Middleware for simultaneous visualizations and simulations of critical climate events
Joint guidance with Prof. Vijay Natarajan (visualization)

Sivagama Sundari M
Assistant Professor, PSG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India

August 2005-July 2011

Coupled climate models on grids
Joint guidance with Prof. Ravi Nanjundiah (climate modeling)

H.A. Sanjay
Faculty, NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

August 2005-July 2009

Performance modeling based scheduling and rescheduling of parallel applications on computational grids

MSc (Engg) [Masters by Research]

Rintu Panja

August 2015-date

Ashirbad Mishra

August 2013-date

Betweenness centrality on GPUs

Prakash Murali
IBM  Research, Bangalore

August 2012-April 2015

Metascheduling of HPC Jobs in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets

R. Vasudevan
PhD, CS, Penn State

August 2011-December 2014

A Message Driven Adaptive Framework for Irregular Applications on GPUs

Cijo George
NetApp, Bangalore, India

August 2010-March 2013

Dynamic Fault Tolerance on Supercomputers

Hari Raghavan
MathWorks, Bangalore, India

August 2010-February 2013

Efficient Executions of AMR applications on GPUs

Rajath Kumar

August 2010-April 2013

Middleware Framework for User Job Submissions on Parallel Batch Systems

Yadnyesh Joshi

August 2005-December 2007

Analysis and predictions of DNA sequence transformations on grids

Rakhi Gupta

August 2004-June 2007

One to many and many to many collective communications on grids

Sandip Tikar
IBM, Bangalore, India

January 2004-December 2006

Extending a grid resource management architecture for managing data and computations for parallel applications

MTech and ME [Masters by Course]

Vineetha K

August 2014-2016


Sabyasachi Sahoo

August 2014-2016


Anurag Murthy

August 2011-2013

Fast Parallel Algorithms for Calculating Toplogy Invariants for Scientific Visualization
Joint guidance with Prof. Vijay Natarajan (visualization)

K Sai Kiran

August 2011-2013

Climate Modeling on GPUs
Joint guidance with Prof. Ravi Nanjundiah (climate modeling)

K Vivek

August 2011-2013

Frameworks for Irregular Applications on GPUs

Gowthami Manogna Gottipati

August 2010-2012

Prediction Strategies for Job Submissions on Parallel Batch Systems

T. Santanu

August 2010-2012

N-body Simulations on GPUs

Sharat Chandra Racha

August 2010-2012

Efficient Executions of Scientific Workflows on Map-Reduce Frameworks

Jitender Singh

August 2008-July 2010

Checkpointing interval selection in malleable parallel applications for fault tolerance

J. Sivabhavani

August 2008-July 2010

Automated checkpointing for malleable parallel applications

Priyank Raj Katariya

August 2007-July 2009

Phylogenetic predictions on grids

R. Karthikeyan

August 2006-July 2008

A multi-stage linear regression strategy for determining Rmax of a Top500 system

Student Interns

Antoine Henry

January 2007-July 2007

Checkpointing optimizations
As part of his Masters program in INSA, Lyon, France


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