Summer School & Internship on
High Performance Computer Architecture
May - July 2016

List of Selected Candidates

In an effort to increase the awareness and interest on Computer Systems Research among our undergrads, we are organizing a combined "Summer School and Internship" program on "High Performance Computer Architecture" for primarily for undergraduate students who are in the III year of B.E./B.Tech students in the Computer Science discipline. The program is jointly organized by a few faculty from different IITs and IISc working in this area.

The program will start with a summer school (1 - 2 week of lectures and hands-on assignments) on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing followed by an summer internship for 5-6 weeks, where the student will be exposed to some projects in high performance computing or architecture. The internship will be with one one of the participating faculty at IITs/IISc. The student will attend the summer school in the same place where he will be doing the summer project. The lecture will be webcast from the participating institutes. Tentative topics (to be covered in the summer school): Memory Hierarchy, ILP Processors, Multiprocessor/multi-cores, Memory consistency and cache coherence; GPUs and Manycores; CUDA (or OpenCL) programming.

No support (travel or accommodation) will be provided for the participants. The students have to make their own arrangement for accommodation. The students are encouraged/required to bring their laptop and use the same during the internship.

Who can Apply
Target audience for this program are B.E./B.Tech students from reputed engineering colleges. The preference will be for III year students with CS background. Students from IT/EE/ECE disciplines in III year, or II year CS students will also be considered if they have sufficient background. Only students who are interested in pursuing project work in High Performance Computing and Architecture need apply.

How to Apply
The application is through a web-based form. Students are encouraged to provide as much information as possible in the required fields to facilitate their selection.

Date of Release of this Announcement: March 28, 2016 Last date for submitting Application: April 9, 2016 Announcement of Selected Candidates : April 23, 2016 Summer School and Internship Program: May 16 -- July 16, 2016 (tentative)

We plan to take around 20 students for this year. This is run purely as a voluntary service from a few interested faculty. Our decision in the selection of students and the mapping to project mentors is final. Requests for change of project mentor or institution will not be entertained.

Participating Faculty (Tentative List)